How do you think what CMS is the best for website creation in 2020?


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A content management system is not needed for personal websites and is only helpful once you reach a certain number of hits \ images... at that point you have to balence $ against value + are you going to learn how to use it or assume they know what is best for you

however I have made a 1/2 dozen sites with these Publiz guys and i'm happy to give them a plug

Lucy May

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It is also worth remembering about website builders. Build your website in 1 hour for free. Forget about complicated CMS. Use a brand new way to create sites with AI website builder - Weblium. In a content management system, website editors have every chance to create this baggage, how to steer website navigation, add or update text content, upload images and make fresh pages. Examples of famous CMS include also WordPress, Joomla.