How do you update a Hard Drive Clone?


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OK, I went to Fry's and purchased a new HD on sale for $44. I formatted and installed it. I told Paragon to restore it using my previous drive image. It started but errored. I noticed that Windows made 2 partitions but the main partition said it was still unformatted. So I decided the best course of action would be to have Windows do a full install. I then opened up Paragon and selected it to do a restore again. It asked me which partition to restore too. But the image has 2 different partitions. I didn't want to restore both to the same partition. At this point I assumed that the restore wasn't automatic but I had to manually install each partition one at a time. I thought I would just have to pick the image folder and it would automatically do everything.

So I decided to skip Paragon and retry the Windows image. In Windows I went to the restore section and selected the restore from previous image file. I got a window that said there were none found and for me to locate one. I tried but it would not recognize any drives to select files from. Then I remembered the Windows install disk has the same options. Perhaps I'll try that and see if it works. I put the disk in and rebooted. Selected the restore from previous image file. It found the back up image file right away. I said yes to allow Windows to partition and install as necessary. Bingo! System restored. So my experience tells me that the problems stemmed from trying to restore to a SSD. Lesson learned is to save yourself some cash and use the build in Windows image feature.