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Windows 7 How easy is it to edit the system partition in windows 7?


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Mar 17, 2013

So my dad got a "trusted" co-worker who is a computer guy to build our home computer for us while I was away (for a price). For the most part he has been helpful. However, he seems to have fractured the HD into some peculiar partitions arranged as follows:

465GB (mostly empty)

100mb (system reserved)
100GB for the system partition.
320GB partition (which contains a large chunk of music and family photos etc.)
20GB (unallocated)
20GB logic drive

100GB seems pathetic for the system partition and only has around 40GB free space left which is worrying because we've pretty much just got the computer and my brother hasn't even started loading any of his games on it yet. I'm pretty sure disk space is going to become a problem real soon.

My questions:

How easy would it be to extend or move the system partition so as to increase its size? Is this even possible?

Why would the guy have set the HD up in this way?

I'm not great with computers myself so would be thankful for any help / advise. Thanks :)
Do you have a place you can move the data in the 320 GB partition so you can remove it? I suppose you do since you have a large, almost empty drive. If you did, you could remove the partitions which would leave unallocated space after the OS partition. You could then use Disk Management to extend the OS partition. After getting the OS partition where you want it, you could then create a new partition in the remaining unallocated space.

If you can't move your data, you are fairly limited. Third party Partition Managers, like Partition Wizard can move the leading edge of your larger partition thereby creating unallocated space into which you could extend the OS partition, although it sounds like you don't have a lot of space to play with. This type of operation can be very dangerous, so make sure and back everything up first.
Does this PC have 2 HDs? Disk 0 is usually the one with the OS on it.

As Saltgrass said, Make sure all you data is backed up to the 2nd hard drive!
Check to make sure it's all there.

Look at this video...

Windows 7 - How to Delete and Combine Partitions - YouTube

You can repeat the process with the smaller partitions, to put the drive back together but don't mess with the System Reserved partition. That needs to be there.

Make sure that you have your disk names right as Joe said 0 is usually the Windows disk.

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