How get a file on CD


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I guess I've forgotten. Last time I did it, it was some time ago, I don't remember any trouble. I have a file in word that runs several pages long. I want to put it on a CD for security reasons and I don't remember how. I have a Dell Studio XPS and windows 7 operating system. Thank you.


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Can you right click the file and select send to your CD Burner. That may open the tray on the burner, but in many cases, after you have files to burn you will see messages about that. If you do not, try opening computer and right click the DVD burner to see options.

I cannot remember the name of the folder the "to be burned" files go into right now.


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Got my file on CD. Thanks for your help.

Windows 7 comes with inbuilt CD/DVD burning application, you may go for third party applications too.


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Thank you very much. You solved my problem.


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That's another thing that I like about Windows 7, unless one needs the extra features of other burning software, the Windows Image Burner does a good job. It's a small program, simple to use.

However, on most new computers that has an optical drive installed, there is usually an image burning program installed. At the time that I purchased my PC, HP was pushing Power2Go. It's a decent package, I used it to burn my recovery disks with. It also has a lot of other options. Only thing about using it, a nag screen opens trying to sell me the latest package. I don't need it.



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I like Windows 7. I took a tutorial when I first got it and most of it has stayed with me. As of this moment Windows 7 and I are very happy with each other. Thanks 4hal

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