How many times can you install Office 2007 on diff. comp?

My dad recieved Office 2007 today in the mail, and I was just wondering, how many computers can you install it on with one disc? He could install Office 2003 up to 3 times on one disc.

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I think legally just one just like the OS.

Just once? Didn't they fix that with later versions of Vista? The EULA holds this theory.

EULA said:

a. Software Other than Windows Anytime Upgrade. You may uninstall the software andinstall it on another device for your use. You may not do so to share this license between


b. Windows Anytime Upgrade Software. The first user of the software may reassign the

license to another device one time, but only if the license terms of the software you upgraded from allows reassignment.
Once-only is only explicitly stated for Anytime Upgrade but not retail copies. OEMs are of course tied to the PC they came on.

The only issue is that moving it requires you to activate by phone.

Office 2007 unfortunately appears to use the same Draconian laws that old XP used to. :( Terrible because it's such a cool product.


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Everything I've seen "advertised" on your question states that MS Office 2007 can be installed on up to THREE computers at ONE time. ;) Only one sure way to find out is to "Just Do It!"

if you were to look on the box, you would see that it can be installed off the original disk three times. not sure what one would do after that... might want to call m.s. and see if they have an extension or if you have to rebuy it. bought mine and installed it on the xp machine till it died due to sp2 and then reinstalled onto the new vista os. still have one left, i guess... in any event, m.s. will be happy to answer a question or two from a customer... :)



I bought office 2007 Professional. The paper in the container seems to indicate that the Home/student version can be used non commercially on 3 computers. However, nothing is said about the other versions. That implies that the PRO version will install an unlimited number of times, but that is not explicityly stated.

Since we cannot trust MS to tell us if this is so, there is one way to find out. I currently have mine installed on 3 PCs in my home and office. I will likely try others and see what happens. I can always call MS and retire a copy from one PC if necessary.


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From my experience, OEM versions of Office Professionl 2007 will only activate once. If this is a transfer to a replacement PC, you can call them and activate by phone.

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