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I recently upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium. I have some fonts on the old system and have a backup of that system. How do I move those fonts to the new system.


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The issue may very well be extracting the font files that you want from the backup and copying them to a new or alternate location on your Win7 machine. Without knowing the backup process that you've used I don't know that we can be of much help with that.
As far as installing the fonts, once you have them in a folder on the Win7 machine, take a look at this microsoft article and see if it helps.
Microsoft Typography - Installing fonts on Windows

How to move your fonts to a Windows 7 PC

1. The first step is to copy the fonts from the old PC to an external drive skipping all of the fonts with a .fon file extension.
2. Back up your existing font folder in case of trouble down the road. I would also create a Restore Point within Windows (see how to do this in Windows 7 at
3. Once the fonts are copied to the external drive, disconnect the drive and connect it to your Windows 7 PC.
4. Navigate to the folder on the external drive containing the fonts and right click one or several fonts and select Install. That’s it.

Before performing these steps though take a look at this site for some helpful information!
Source: How to move your fonts to a Windows 7 PC - The Gadgetress : The Orange County Register

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the guidance......

Why copy to an external drive? My Vista backup which contains my Vista fonts is on my external drive (which is connected to my new Windows 7 PC. So, it's impossible to disconnect the external drive.

I expect a lot of the Vista fonts are also on my Windows 7 PC. There are too many fonts too compare. I only want to install the fonts that are 'different.' What happens if I try to install ALL the Vista fonts? Will I be asked what I want to do with duplicates?

If you can see the fonts as files in Windows Explorer...

Right click on the ones you want and select "Install".


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There are too many fonts to do it this way. Beside, I can't tell what the font looks like by looking at the font's filename.

click on the font to preview it.
Type ctrl-A to select them all.

I have close to 600 fonts on my system. It took me less than 3 minutes to import them all.


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Open the old fonts folder in your backup.
Select all, and then right click and select Install.

It will install any fonts that you don't already have installed.
When it asks if you want to reinstall fonts you already have installed, click the don't ask this again button and select either answer so it doesn't ask you over and over.


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Thank you - that's the answer I was looking for.

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