How much RAM do you 'actually' need?


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Now that RAM is as cheap as chips it's not uncommon to see those with far too much money to be sporting large amounts of RAM.. Is all this RAM actually needed though and does it get used?
Toms Hardware decided to find out...

Do You Really Need More Than 6 GB Of RAM? : Is “Too Muchâ€ÂÂ￾ Really Just Enough?

Not to surprised at the conclusions from this article.
Depending on your use & requirements, 3-4GB should be plenty for the average user on both 32 & 64bit rigs.

I have a bad habbit of overkill. :redface:

I have 6 gigs of ram, i do alot of video editting and it certainly helps out, but its still not working well faulty memory :redface:

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