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Windows 7 How much RAM is your PC using?

with a small dual core t2300 and 2gb of memory I'm at a rough 800mb at times and 30 to 40 percent often. Runs pretty good though. I dont think vista could top that.
Right now my computer is using 30%. A large chunk of it being used by Frostwire and I have 11 "svchost.exe" processes going.
lol 1.85GB (23%) at startup. I have 8GB so I dont care and load everything at startup

7100 x64
753 MB with uTorrent, 4 Firefox tabs, MSN, and one additional small program running.
I'm to lazy for a restart.
A steady 981MB with Thunderbird, Firefox 3 (4 tabs), Live Messenger, iTunes (takes about 100mb of that 981mb) and some other minor small programs running. This is about 47% (2GB RAM total)