Windows 7 how set a background image of Windows 7 folders


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i did folder with background in windows xp

but background no see in windows 7

how do folder with background image be seen in win xp and win 7

Welcome to the forums, Xoce. Nice screenshot there. :)

I'm not sure at all there is a GUI utility like Avefolder compatible with 7. If you're willing to dig this topic, try these links:


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You need to wait till something compatible is out. :)


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I was hoping to find the same answer, It was built into Xp and now in 7, it's gone. Giant leap back I think. Every other OS has this as a standard built in. Was this just forgotten on 7? I really miss window background coloring and adding pix relavant to the window contents. :-(


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A BIG thanx for this. Seems like ALL the Software Giants are ignoring the goodies that WE REALLY want and giving us what and How they want us to do things. This is no only Mi¢r0$oft but Apple as well.
BTW, I HATE cloud computing.


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WELL.................... ThatDIDN'T Work!!!!!!!!
No background pix show up at all. All that happened was my icon size changed to a smaller size.

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