How to allow Windows 7 to access a HFS external disc for the first time


I've taken the HDD out of an old iMac and put it in a USB caddy. I use HFS Explorer to access it from my work XP laptop and can retrieve files off it easily.

I've bought a new Windows 7 desktop and want to do the same thing, however when I plug it in it's not recognised in Explorer. I go to Disk Management and it suggests I have to initialize it before it can be accessed, but I don't want to format it, just use HFS explorer to get some files off it. I didn't have to do any of this on my XP laptop - it worked first time as soon as I plugged the external drive in

Any ideas what to do?


Joe S

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Maybe the drive caddy and it's driver is not compatible with Windows 7.

Thanks folks - I also discussed this with one of my techie friends last night, who said the driver stack in Windows 7 is different than XP and issues like this are fairly common (i.e. caddy driver not yet updated to win7)

The easiest short term solution for me as it's a bit of a 'one-off' just to restore some old files will be to copy them to my XP laptop then transfer to my new desktop via flash drive.

I'd hoped there might have been a quick config tweak I could have done to access the files direct from my new desktop, as I'm not yet familiar with Win7, but happy just to transfer via my laptop.

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