How to ask for help with a BSOD Problem

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If you wish someone to assist you with BSOD this is the procedure:

Download, extract and run the W7F Diagnostic Tool by right clicking on the W7F Diagnostic Tool executable and choosing Run as administrator . Click on Grab All . When done, go to your desktop --> Right Click on "W7F_folder --> Send To --> Compressed (zipped) folder. Attach the zipped folder with your post when asking for BSOD help.

Download: W7F Diagnostic


We please ask that you do ZIP or RAR the file, thus reducing its size, as this will help solve your problem and reduce overall disk consumption on our servers. For help using file compression, please watch this video:

Important! Every thread starter please see. Please download and run CPU-Z from this link CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
We would like to see screen shots or a single image that includes All The Tabs in CPU-z including All Slots under the SPD Tab that are populated with memory sticks. Minimally the memory tab and all Slots under the SPD Tab but all tabs would be appreciated. You can include them in the folder that the SF Diagnostic Tool creates for you on your desktop (before zipping) and after compressing the folder attach it to your next post by clicking reply, then go advanced and using the paper clip on the tool bar to browse, find the zipped folder and upload it here.

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How to take a screenshot, Snipping Tool: Start Menu > Accessories > Snipping Tool Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows Or press Alt-PrintScreen while CPU-Z window is running and active, and then paste it to MS Paint and save.

Also Download PassMark RAMMon and attach the HTML Report.

Note: Please start new thread when you ask help for you. Please don't post in others thread because it could cause confusion. We want to give individual attention to every poster to deliver the best technical support. And please do not attach your dump files individually (unless there is only one). Put all information you intend to attach into one folder, compress that folder and attach it as per the instructions above.
Hope this helps, Captain
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