How to backup+restore (address book/msgs) Outlook (Express)?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by pstein, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Assume I want to backup the current address book (and/or msgs) of my Outlook and restore it later (possibly to another version).

    How can I do this ?

    Again: I don't want to care about the current version
    - Outlook vs OutlookExpress
    - Outlook 2003 vs Outlook 2007
    - Outlook 32bit vs Outlook 64bit

    I would like to have a convenient transparent way of interchanging the address books?

    Is there a 3rd party tool for that?

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    if you look in your documents folder you should find a folder called 'Outlook Files'. Inside there are files relating to each Outlook accounts and saving this folder is is as good as backing up your messages and contacts. Just remember that when you recreate an account in the new Outlook that you'll need to create it manually and browse to the location of the above folder (just pop it back in the documents folder).

    As to your other question, this web page should be of some help:
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