Windows 8 How to Bringing back the Windows “Start” menu on Windows 8 CP

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Some users find it difficult to use Windows 8 without start menu. Fortunately Stardock has released a small application called "Start8"


- Adds a “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
- Enables quick access and searching of your installed applications
- Adds Run... option via right-click menu
- Adds Shutdown... option via right-click menu
- Choose a custom Start button image

Download: Start8 for Windows® 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu

P.S. You need to give your email address in order to download the app
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Have you personally tried that program?

I've tried two such programs and they messed up some things in win-8 which caused me to have to re-install Win-8.
I'm reluctant to go there again.

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I have Vista start menu on my desktop, but don't use it too much. It is identical to Start Menu 7 (Joe) but without the start globe, which I see no need for. Only fault I found with either is that they are directly linked to the Metro menu and you must be very aware if you start moving the menu items around or deleting them - the changes are immediately reflected in the Metro menu and, in many cases irrecoverable.