How to change default graphics card

I just found out my samsung qx laptop had an nvidia gt 520m on it but all the time that I have had it I have been using the onboard intel graphics. Right now to use the nvidia graphics card I right click on the icon and just select the right graphics card. theres no option in the bios to set it to the nvidia card and when I use device manager to disable the onboard so it will use the nvidia card but that just made the screen black so I had to re enable it in safe mode. Is there any other way to set the nvidia card to default?

Hello chrisapytoes,
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Try HERE to get the correct driver, use the Auto Detect.

With the limited info you've provided about your lappy, that's the closest I could find.

Once you download the correct driver and save to desktop, go in to "Device Manager" and uninstall the current driver for the nVidia card, you may have to restart, if so just close/cancel any attempt by Windows from installing the driver for that card and then install the one you downloaded.

Hope this helps

I did what you said but it started installing the other driver as soon as I uninstalled it automatically I tried to cancel it but it wouldnt let me and there was no option to so I just installed the one I downloaded but its still using the intel graphics by default

Ok, just install the new driver, it should automatically replace/remove the old driver.

Let us know how that goes


Its still using the intel graphics after installing the new driver

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