how to change default screen color from white to grey

my sister has macular degeneration and has trouble with the glare of her monitor. i want to be able to make the default screen color grey instead of white in all programs. is that possible? For example, i was able to make the screen color grey in Word and the font black so that it opens that way everytime. but that is only one program. i would like to be able to do this so that everything works that way.


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I thought I sent you a response last night, sorry. But if you right click the desktop and select Personalize, Window Color (Custom), then Advanced settings, you may be able to change some colors there.

I have not checked the Ease of Access panel, but there may also be something there to help.


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I am not aware of anything that will do as you wish, in personalise or Eas of access. There is possibly one of the many third party customise/tune-up utilities out there that might do it.

i did as you said and i was able to make some screens gray. thanks.
i did Personalize, Window Color (Custom), then Advanced settings, then another window opened with a drop down triangle and there was a selection for window and that made it grey in many programs, like Outlook, Word and Notepad for example. so that will help her out a lot. Thanks again...


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What type of monitor is the computer using?
Have you attempted to sample some of the built in modes ( with newer LCD they have modes like "Warm" and "Cool" which may help resolved the issue)
Have you tried adjusting he brightness and contrast to help with the glare?

To Trouble; I didn't know about the various LCD modes and will look into that. i did lower her brightness and contrast some and that helped a little too.
Thanks. I am going to help her out tomorrow and will let you know how i do.


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You're welcome.
Additionally, you might also want to inspect the actual control panel applet for the specific video card (Nvidia Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center), in a lot of instances these applications support some very advanced settings which will allow you to adjust colors, hues, saturation and gamma settings in additional to brightness and contrast, that may help alleviate some of the glare as well. Make sure you make note of each settings current number/percentage before making any adjustments so you can return them to their respective defaults in the event that the changes produce any unintended problems.

Here is a link from another thread i found interesting!

Ive done a lil research and found no available answer yet in changing "Windows Explorer" window from whit to off-white.

Does anyone have any new info to help change it. I dont want to lose aero either.

Cheers if anyone knows :_)

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