how to change extension of .txt file to .html in Windows 7?


I want to know how to change extension of .txt file to .html in Windows 7? Looking and searching it on Google from last two days but not be able to get proper solution.

In Windows XP it was really very simple to change the file extension. However I am not able to find perfect way that how I can change the .txt file extension into .html!!

Any help would be really very helpful.

Thanks in advance.
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First make sure that the file name extension is showing:

Go to control panel, folder options, view tab. Make sure that he checkbox labelled "hide extensions for known file types" is not checked.

Then navigate to the file you want to change, highlight the name and change the extension from txt to html.

Don't know what you are trying to do but this change will not make it an html file of course.


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Assuming that what you are really asking is:
"How can I convert a text file to a html file?"
There is a freeware app named txt2html it is available through Sourceforge.

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