How To Change Icon Spacing On Desktop

I can't find where, like in XP and Vista, to change the icon spacing (horizontal and vertical) on the desktop. Anyone knows? Thanks.


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Right click the desktop - personalize.
Click Windows color - Custom at the bottom of the window.
Click Open Classic appearance properties...etc again at the bottom of the window
There you will find all your familiar options.

Ah! How sneaky! Thank you.

Sneaky indeed, I really don't know why MS messed with the desktop icons so much in Win 7.. I guess it would be more appropriate to say in Windows Vista as that's where the changes began but more came in Win 7... I for one like the small icons on my desktop and I like to spacing to be proper. I don't like having to make several adjustments to get them looking "right".. ;)


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As you can see - I have a lot of time on my hands lol.

lol, no prob, hey, that's how most of us figure out the "extra" options that aren't advertised as much.. by messing around..;)

Great help

Thank you for the help. :D

Re: Great help

It's now June 2011, and I found the original posted reply by DaveHC, and I tried it. It worked ultimately, but the navigation is not quite what is in the post. I am running Win 7 Pro. The original post & reply doesn't specify which version of Windows. Perhaps different versions have different navigation rules. The steps I used are as follows:
1. Right-click desktop and select 'Personalize' as DaveHC says.
2. At the bottom of the screen in the center is an icon with the title 'Windows Color' - the word 'Custom' is nowhere to be found.
3. Click this icon.
4. The window that comes up is for setting the color of windows borders. At the very bottom is a link titled 'Advanced appearance settings..." not 'Open Classic appearance properties' as DaveHC says. Click this.
5. A window will pop up ('Window Color and Appearance') with the XP-familiar interface for customizng the windows desktop appearance, including colors, fonts, and icon spacing.

I'm posting this to smoothe the way for others who, like myself, may be puzzled by the posted navigation.

Fantastic...Thank you:p


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Thankyoui for the update, rgilinsky. As you can see from the originals, the posts were made during the prerelease time. It was probably even before the Official Beta - I have no idea. hence no mention of which version, (there being only one at the time)

It might be useful if you posted as a separate thread. In view of the antiquity of this one, members reading it may not notice and be a little confused.
(Or perhaps a moderator could move your post, deleting the references to the original post, and then delete this thread as it is really redundant.?)

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Thank you davehc and rgilinsky. The post is still timely and accurate.

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