How to change resolution without display scaling! Eek.

Hey guys,
I recently installed the Windows 7 public beta and it detected my hardware and triple monitor setup just fine. However, it set all three monitors to their maximum resolution of 2304x1440. I would like to be able to run them at other resolutions. When I change the resolution slider in Windows 7, it keeps the monitor in its maximum resolution but stretches everything to fit so it looks blurry. That may be OK for LCDs, but these are high end CRTs and it makes it look terrible. When I use the NVIDIA Control Panel, it keeps the monitor in its maximum resolution but the smaller resolution only takes up part of the screen. If I boot with only my projector plugged in, it detects its native resolution at 1280x720 and displays that natively.

I am experienced with computers and know that this is a Windows 7 display scaling problem. This problem does not occur under any other OS, including XP, Vista, or Ubuntu 8.10. I have installed every Windows Update, including the NVIDIA driver update.

The funny thing is, with SLI enabled (so it's single monitor instead of triple monitor), I booted into VGA mode and set the resolution to 1920x1200 AND THAT WORKED. I just can't get it to do it with SLI disabled so I have all three monitors running.

C2D E6750 @ 3.67 GHz water cooled
GeForce 8800GT
GeForce 8800GT

HP A7217A (card 1, DVI->VGA)
HP A7217A (card 2, DVI->VGA)
HP A7217A (card 2, DVI->VGA)
Optoma HD70 (card 1, DVI->HDMI)

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does ultramon work in windows7?

Not reliably, and I don't see how that would fix the issue.

i dont have an nvidia card atm but im guessing this section of the nvidia control panel doesnt exist anymore?

also found this on running ultramon in win7 -
i thought of it because it has independent screen resolution controls which might work better than windows.

It only shows me that option when I have the Optoma HD70 plugged in, and it only lets me change display scaling for that output device. What I really need to do is change that option for my three analog CRTs. What wonky behavior.. anybody have any suggestions? I can try Ultramon but I don't have very high hopes.

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