How to change the booting sequence for Windows 7 & XP?

I hav installed Windows 7 and previously had XP... wenever mi pc starts up the first problems I face is I cant select which OS I want to log in as mi keyboard driver is not loaded (dont knw y???) second thing I m havin trouble is I cant find the way to change the booting sequence in Win.7 so that I can make it default to start wit xp rather than win 7.

Please help!!!




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Type Msconfig in the START. Open the "Boot" Tab. There you can select your default.

Thanks RAK...

I cant find mi second OS (XP) in ter...??? wat could b the prob... wen I start mi pc it surely ask me to select betweeen the OS but dosent stand in Win7 MsConfig???



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Stuet's answer wll do the trick, but may need some further advice (which you will certainly get) But what about Control panel (icon view) l - System - Advanced system settings (over on the left) - Advanced Tab - Start up and recovery - Default operating system? Does XP possibly show there?. Sorry, I am punching into space, I have not used XP for many years.

EasyBCD is an excellent utility for this purpose. :) I also quite like iReboot developed by the same Neosmart Technologies.
iReboot allows you to reboot to another system directly from iReboot tray options.

When in Windows 7 you can :

  1. Go to the control panel and switch it to the classic view (large or small icons)
  2. In that go to System > Advanced > System & Recovery options
  3. Edit Button > Operating Systems > Set XP as default and adjust other boot parameters such as time to display boot options, you can set it so that when you start your pc it will wait some time for you to select which system to boot.

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