How to change the view /layout of usb stick / flash drive


At some point the view/layout of my usb sticks has changed ie everything is in file type view...?

How can I change it so that the contents appear altogether like c drive...?

I have attached a screenshot of the unwanted layout.

I have noticed that in my computer the usb stick shows as removable disk,however if I right click the usb stick and choose open as portable device, it then shows everything as normal...?

Help appreciated




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I have not seen that layout before. Does the icon show you have WinRAR or some other type program installed?


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What happens when you just open Widows Explorer in the normal mode and then select the flash drive.

It should look like this...

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That is how it appears when opened in explorer?

Winrar is installed but that is not the cause.


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I'll tell you what. You tell me the exact steps you took to get the posted layout and I will duplicate those and see what I get.

What you are showing is almost what you see if you do a search from the start button.

All I do is open my computer and double click on the usb stick...same thing happens on my desktop...but at work, it opens as it should?

I think this should solve your problem...
If you right click on the window, you'll find options to VIEW, SORT BY, GROUP BY, etc... this view is GROUP BY ---> TYPE combined with VIEW --> LIST
Change GROUP BY to none to get rid of the type titles. Enjoy!

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