Windows 7 How to change "Windows Explorer" dafault white backgroup color without losing the Aero theme feature


I checked many web site about this question. I seemed that an Aero theme doesn't allow me to change the default white background color in Windows Explorer. There is a way for a classical theme, though (personalization->windows color->Advanced appearance settings->window). I don't mind editing my registry (regedit) if there is a way. The white color is just too bright to my eyes. I would like it to be gray or off-white. Could somebody help me out? Thanks for any hint.


Unfortunately, there is no real way to change the default window colour in the Aero theme, but you can sometimes find 3rd-party themes with different background colours. I didn't know that you couldn't change the default 'window' colour in Aero, either, but apparently you can't. Sorry, there's no way to without leaving the Aero theme confines. If it's too bright though, try lowering your brightness :cool:

Hi Jaydon,

Thank you for replying my question. Hope Microsoft can support this request in its Aero themes. I thought about your suggestion, getting a third party theme. First, a customized theme may not allow you to change Windows Explorer's background color either. Second, more importantly, I am concerned about the unwanted features along with a 3rd party theme (e.g. toolbar). With these concerns, I haven't given a try to search the web yet.

I just wonder if the background color is hidden in a registry entry. If that's true, we may change it without using any tool. Well, maybe you are right. There is no way in current Win7, period.


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