How to Clone a Windows 7 Partition to a new Hard Drive?

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    I just bought a ssd drive and I have 2 partitions. 1 is for work and one is for personal. I did a fresh install for my personal partition. However for work I want to make a clone(it would be a huge pain to setup everything again) of it on my ssd drive.

    Original Drive

    1 Tb seagate hard drive and has my 100gb work partition with windows 7 on it.

    I want to now take that partition and put it on a partition of the ssd drive.

    I tried to use

    Acronis Disk Director to make a copy of it and I tried DriveImage XML to do a clone of it and I get the same result both times.

    The cloning finishes and I was unable to acess my work windows 7. I used "EasyBCD 2.1.2" to hookup my computer so it can handle dual boot(my fresh windows 7 and my work windows 7).

    I loaded into my work windows 7 partition and it comes to the login screen and everything is all good till I try to log in.

    I get a screen that goes "personalizing settings". After like 5 minutes it goes to another screen with a dialog box in the top left corner.

    "setting up personalized settings for: web platform customizations".

    After 45mins it is still on this screen.

    I don't know why this is happening.


    I should mention that I can log into my work partition under safe mode. It does not run into that problem but it comes up with a message saying the "profile is broken....."
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