How to connect XP machine to W7 WiFi adhoc?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but I'm sure this question must have been asked here a zillion times before. I honestly wanted (and tried) to use the search feature, but I didn't know exactly what to look for.

So, here are the machines and the issue:

- Getac B300 with Windows 7 Professional
- Toshiba Satellite U500 with Windows 7 Professional
- IBM ThinkPAd T42 with Windows XP Professional SP3.

Now, the B300 is my main machine and the base station. What I'm doing basically is create an adhoc network to share my internet connection, a 3G connection through a Sony Ericsson phone, controlled through Bluetooth and SE PC Suite, with my wife's U500. No issues there.

The issue, of course, is getting the T42 to connect. It doesn't matter whether I use Windows or IBM's ThinkVantage Access Connections. Windows won't even see the adhoc network. Access Connection does see it, but it only connects to it after great difficulty, with no access to the internet.

So, what am I doing or not doing? What am I missing? In other words, is there even a way to achieve this to begin with?

Thanks in advance!


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