How to control mic inputs

Hello, I recently formated my computer and now I'm having a recording problem. I'm a DJ and use the mic input to record my mixes.

The problem is, that when recording both the "plugged in/external"mic and internal mic input sound. This causes distortion and I only want to use the plugged in mic, not the internal mic

I have tried to work the problem myself but the only way to stop the internal mic working is to mute the mic, but this makes it that my plugged in microphone is no longer working as well.

I'm not sure if it matters but I'm using Windows 7 65 bit ultimate. And I use a Sony Vaio Laptop. The sound card is RealTech High Definition.

Thank you for your help,


First, you should stop using the mic input to record. That is mono only. I'm sure the people you play music for don't want to hear mono music.

Instead, use the stereo in jack.

I'm using a laptop so there is only a mic input, and not line in....and I have done many mixes that are in full stereo from my recording...either way I need to be able to isolate my recording to mic in only...and not internal mic

You can't record to stereo using the mic in, no matter how hard you try to. You can record to left and right channel, but each will be the exact same thing, which means the recording is still mono.

The result is a 2 channel mono file.

Suggest to use better hardware or a software program itself to mix on.

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