How to convert video files over, so they will open in WLMM?? HELP!!!

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    Hey, I have a problem and hope someone can help me! I downloaded these video clips on this page
    called Download Facebook Videos. I am trying to make this slideshow with pictures and videos on WLMM. I downloaded the video clips of my friends page on FB and safed them on my computer in my videos. Since I am not very expirienced, I ask a friend how to do it. She told me that once I would download the videos on my computer, I would need to download this programm called WinFF
    to convert the video files over. She further told me this:

    After you download WinFF to your computer....
    And after you download the files to your computer from the Download Facebook video page.....
    Find those files of the videos that you just saved to your computer from the Download Facebook Videos site. up WinFF and Press Add to add those video files into it.

    At the bottom you are asked....
    Convert to:
    You need to click WMV
    On Preset:
    You need to click WMV2 Generic
    Below that it will show you what folder they are downloading into. You can also change it to a folder you want them files to go into.

    Now click the CONVERT button and a black screen will come up.
    After downloading it will say press any key to continue. Press any key.

    It is now converting your file into a WMV file and you can now use it to make your video on Windows Movie Maker.

    Just find the folder the file went into and then drag and drop them into Windows Movie Maker.

    So I did that, but it doesn't work :confused: :(. I believe these files are wpl. I am not very expirienced with computers, so I would also appreciate it, if whoever try's to help me speaks plain english to me!
    I hope someone can help me, I need to get this working!!! It's very important. HELP!! :frown:
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