How to create an USB stick image (like ISO for DVD)?


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Assume I created a bootable USB stick with some additional software on it.

Now I want to backup the whole stuff into an archive file on my hard disc.

If I would have an CD/DVD I could create a well known ISO file for it which contains everything.

How do I do this for an USB stick?

If I just copy all files+folders through Winexplorer into a certain folder on my hard disc then all hidden+system files are NOT copied. As well as the boot MBR management files.

So is there a method of really copying everything (inclunding the boot sectors)?

The image should be ready for re-burn onto (another) USB Stick.

How does this work?



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As far as I know there is no file format for an image you can burn to a clean flash drive and make it bootable.

Since to make a flash drive, you have to make it bootable and then copy the OS files to it, possibly you could use a script in Diskpart to configure the drive and then just copy the files.

If you are trying to create a portable version of the OS you could run from the flash drive, I have no experience. But since there are not formats for such a file, it would have to guess it is not possible to just be able to save or burn such a configuration.

I do see some sites that discuss cloning a flash drive. Maybe something like that might get you started. And if you can clone one, possibly you could back it up and re-image. But again, I have not tried.


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I think this is what you want to do: Make a back up of your USB drives. This tool can help you do this:Download USB Image Tool 1.62 (ZIP, 216 KB)

This lets you backup your USB drive and then restore them.

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