How to delete a printer ? (Oki data B410d)


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Hello all,

I've had a lot of difficulties to install my recent Okidata B410d on Windows Seven Ultimate 32 bits.

At first, Windows could'nt find drivers, then the drivers on CD were obsolete (windows xp/vista) so I went to Okidata website, downloaded drivers for Windows 7 and started the procedure. Again, Windows said the downloaded drivers were not valid...
Finally, I tried to add manually the printer then it said "drivers are already installed for this device" and I accepted it.

It ran well for a few days, printing local and on my home network.

Today, I was unable to print. After powering on/off, rebooting etc.. I had to delete the printer and reinstall it ( again, I added manually the printer, Windows recognized previous drivers and it went fine).

So now, in my control panel, I have 2 printers that show up : "OKI B410" (the icon is "pale") and "OKI B410 Copy 1" which has a darker icon and a green icon on it.

"OKI B410 Copy 1" is working fine so I would like to delete "OKI B410".
Whenever I delete "OKI B410", it shows up again when I reboot...

How can I delete the pale icon "OKI B410" forever ?

Thanks !!


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When you say you "delete" the item, do you mean right clcik and "remove device"


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Hello RAK,

Yes !


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Ok. Try this. First make sure there is nothing in the printqueue and that OkiB410 is not the default
Now open Administrative tools in the Control Panel.
Over in the right hand pane, select print management
Select the first two item in turn. (All Printers and All Drivers)
delete the OKIB410 Not the copy!

Now back out of the windows and reboot.


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Problem solved,

I was then also able to rename the printer from B410 Copy to B410 so everything is fixed... for now !

Thank you very much !

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