How to delete duplicated Windows folders?


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To make a long story short, there are currently two windows (SP Pro) folders:
Windows and Windows_0. It seems that sombody installed Windowx XP Pro twice by a mistake Because of that, whenever I boot the computer, the following notice is seen on the screen:

Please select the operating system to start

Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Microsoft Windows XP Pro

Use the up and down arrow keys .... blah, blah,

This drives me nuts.

The quick fix is to re-format and re-install Windows XP. That means
re-installing tons of software and drivers. It will take a few days to do
so. So I want to avoid this situation.

My Question is a) how to remove a Windows folder (e.g., Windows_0) safely,
or b) how to remove both windows folders safely (and then re-install Windows
XP without re-formatting c-partition). Your advise would be very much
appreciated. hummer


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When you click on your C drive what do you see? Any chance of a screenshot?


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I re-formatted and re-installeld. Thanks.

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