How to delete windows admin user folder?

Ok so i have this problem. I had a problem with my admin account last night. When i tried to login it said that that the user profile could not be loaded. So i logged into the built in admin account and deleted that profile and created a new admin account. Now when i login to my new account, in c:/users, the old profile folder is still there. And i cannot delete it even through the default admin profile. It says that i need an admin account to delete it. All the files and evrything are still in that folder. How should i delete it completely??


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What do you mean by the "built in" admin account?
Are you referring to the hidden account, which you have now enabled?

If so you should have been able to delete the offending account through the Control Panel - user accounts.
Did you follow this procedure:
Manage another account - (then change to the faulty account) thern, whebn the window came up, you have the option to delete the account and a further query, "Delete files also" I cannot emulate this, so the wording may not be accurate. What I can suggest, if you go back into the "Global" admin account, is that you recreate your old user and go through the procedure again.

I don't understand. How do i recreate my old account? I have already deleted it. Only the folder in c:/users remains. I'm sorry could you please explain this step by step?

Hi there,

You might need to take ownership of that folder. Unzip the attached file and click install Take Ownership. then navigate to the c:\users\ folder and right click on the folder you want to take ownership of. It should look like this:
After that you should be able to delete the folder :)
Please let us know :)

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