How to differentiate multiple connected process when it return the same parent PID?


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Whenever an instance of BlueStacks is opened for the first time, it launches a Bluestacks.exe* that looks like it 'handles' all other futures instances opened:

enter image description here

It then launches BlueStacks.exe and HD-Player.exe for each new instance, where each of them is dependent on each other, if you close one the other is also closed.

When I have multiple instances running at the same time I can't figure out what HD-Player.exe belongs to what BlueStacks.exe, when i try to get the parent PID of any of these executables it always points to the PID of the first BlueStacks.exe* opened:

As seen in the image HD-Player points as parent the process with PID 13028 (the first Bluestacks launched), and 13028 points to the multi-instance manager who launches the processes, also If you close the first Bluestacks.exe* everything is closed.

Why do I need to know it?

Is the HD-Player who opens and uses the ports to connect with the android debug (adb).

Then when I need to use the port for a specific instance, I don't know what PID to use to listen to the port as i don't know the HD-Player responsible for it.

Would like to ask for ideas on how I could figure what Player belongs to what BlueStacks.