How to Disable Automatic Lock / Log-out


After countless hours searching online and into the depths of Vista, I've nearly given up. I cannot figure out how to disable the occurrence of Windows Vista Beta 2 automatically locking the computer after 10 minutes of inactivity. I've completely disabled any sleep features, and the option "require password after recovery from sleep", and nothing seems to do it.

In the process I've basically disabled every security feature present in this new OS, just out of shear desperation. I display presentations that may not have keyboard / mouse input for two hours, but the monitor is still being viewed. I do not want the automatic log-out to occur at all.

I hope I've just overlooked some very simple adjustment, because I really love Vista otherwise, despite its current kinks.


William C

P.S. A big fat thanks to anyone in advance who can answer my question. :)

hrm, I havent personally used vista but it should be in the desktop properties. Right click on your desktop, properties, screensaver, advanced -> power




Display Properties under screensaver. Uncheck on resume password protect.


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Did anyone manage to solve this for you?

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