How to Download the tools for Data Analytics Course in Windows without error?


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I'm a B.Tech student from CSE domain and I'm very interest in learning the data analytics course and I recently completed learning R and going to start learning tableau but in my windows 10 PC the tableau is installed but,it showing the error called the system environment path is no accessible.Can someone help me.


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So you purchased Tableau? I'm pretty sure it's a cloud service with a desktop client available, or self hosted with a server.


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Hey buddy. If you tried to update your system and checked the version of the tableau installed? I am afraid you need to update them both to proceed further. If you are learning on a data analytics course, I suppose it will be helpful for you to connect your Tableau to Jira to get more functions and understand the data analysis functions more. Also, I would suggest you read the information from this website They have a lot of useful articles that you can read to improve your data analysis skills, and I bet they will be helpful for you during your educational process. Have a great day!