Windows 7 How to download Vista updates?


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I am stuck on something basic. I keep trying to download updates, but the system will not let me. Keeps saying log in as administrator and try again, but I am already logged on as administrator.

ANY clues, or ideas are most appreciated.:confused:


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Hi, go to the link in your start menu and right-click on it. You'll see 'run as administrator' in the revealed box, click on that and you should good to go..:)


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I appreciate the advice. Will let you know as soon as I get Vista up and running again. It has crashed. Running drive diagnostics first, and as soon as it is functional I will try that.


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Thanks very much.
Everyone here has been really great.
By the end of next week I will be down to just one computer, and Win Vista will be the Only OS at that point.
I think right now my major problem may be the IDE drive I have Vista on may have a problem.


Well if you need any help, just holler :)