How to edit/disable function keys?


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Hi, I recently purchased my HP Pavillion dv5 laptop, and it has windows 7. I have another Windows 7 laptop as well. However on this laptop, whenever I press the f1 button, the help menu appears. The f2, screen dims, f3 screen brightens, so on and so forth. This woulden't be much of a problem, but when I play games on my computer, and I need to press these f1, f2, f3 etc. buttons, the help menu appears, screen dims/brightens etc. There is extremely annoying because the game I play relies heavily on these function keys. I have tried calling help lines, one to a windows 7 tech site called like iYogi or something. EXTREMELY unhelpful, spent over an hour talking to an indian man who could barely speak english. I also tried contacting HP tech support, didn't get much help there either. If anyone could help me so that when I press these function keys, none of these annoying things happen, but when I press these function keys in game, the in-game functions work. If this thread is in the wrong section, I'm sorry, this is my first time useing this fourm.


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On my Dell, the option of having the primary function of those keys is in the bios/setup routine. I do not remember how to get to it, but it seems it is one of the booting F8 options, or perhaps another F key. It might also be set by an HP utility driver loaded on your system to get special keys to behave in a specific manner.

If you can't find anything there, perhaps you can find something in the game to remap the keys.

You may also find something in the Control Panel-Keyboard dialog, Custom Key Settings.

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