How to edit (or remove) Windows 7 Watermark

Hi, figured I'd kick off my first post with a tutorial. I read the board rules before posting this to make sure I can post this tutorial. This isn't illegal, I don't condone piracy myself. This tutorial simply shows users how to change and/or remove the Windows 7 watermark. Hope you enjoy it.

To follow this tutorial you will need Resource Hacker, found here:



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That's cool.

But I really don't see the big deal with it. Why go to the trouble to change something, when it will change anyway when you get a non-beta version?


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The watermark gets irritating at times on the desktop. But I say be glad it's only on the desktop and not on EVERYTHING you run with Win7.

For what it's worth, this did not work for me. I went through it saved it, logged off and logged back on and it was still there.

Then I tried to edit it again and it asked me if I wanted to compile it or save it, and I did it, and the save failed.


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very nice and informative. btw, cool wallpaper.

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