How to edit/rename boot menu entries? Hide other Win7 primary partitions?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by pstein, Sep 20, 2010.

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    On my computer I have 3 primary partitions:

    1. "System reserve" which contains e.g.the Bootmamanger and MBR
    2. First Win 7 installation ("main")
    3. Second Win 7 installation ("reserve")

    When I boot now at first the Bootmanager on the first primary partition is called/started which in turn starts the boot menu. In the boot menu there are currently two entries:

    Windows 7
    Windows 7

    So I cannot distinguish between the "main" and the "reserve" Win 7 installation.

    How exactly can I modify/rename the two "Windows 7" entries in boot menu?

    Second question:

    After selecting and booting the actual Windows 7 installation the other Windows 7 installation is visible as a separate partition in WinExplorer:

    C: running Windows 7
    D: DVD drive
    E: other (non-booted) Windows 7

    How can I automatically hide the other Windows 7 installation?
    The drive E: should be available e.g. for USB sticks or network drives.

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    Under Control Panel go to System -> Advanced -> "Startup and Recovery"

    Disable "Time to display list of operating systems"

    The only other way would be to use bcdedit in the command-console, which can be quite time consuming. This is much more likely to work. As you have probably noticed, there is no specific boot.ini file in Windows 7 and it has been replaced with the bcdedit utility.

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