how to edit the start menu in win 7

where can i edit the shortcuts in the start menu i want to add a direct link to "network connections" in windows 7


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Is there a way to organise the programs in all programs ?

Is there a way to organise the programs in all programs ?
Not sure how you want them orgainzed but here are some options that come to mind:

I right clicked on a few that I use for routine maintenance... selected sento desktop then created a folder on my desktop I called Important.. then dragged and dropped the icons to it.

A few of them I right clicked and Pinned to Start menu. .... like command prompt, mail etc


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Nevermind found it i had turned enable context menu draging dropping of turned it back on again and All working now, And organised

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Faster Bootup

I would like to know how to get into the mechanics of the Start Menu so that it will boost my boot-up speed. It's a new laptop and I'm sure there are functions checked that don't need to run on start-up. Thanks. ;)

Click Start and type and enter Msconfig
then go to startup tab and uncheck

Even better... google Autoruns and download the program then run it and uncheck even more junk that is loading

Even much better... read my first few blogs about turning off some "features" that are unnecessary and REALLY slow down a computer.

Even much much better... disable the stuff that is run from Task Scheduler..... like all those diagnostic reports that are gathered randomly and sent to Microsoft.

I totally disabled my Task Scheduler and everythign runs great here. Instructions for that are in my last blog.


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Thanks for that tblount.

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