How to Enable IPForwarding windows 7?

Title says it all, I've been searching google all morning for how to enable IP forwarding (I need to for work) on my windows 7 machine. The closest I found for a solution is here

How to Enable Router in Windows XP (IPEnableRouter)?

but it is for Windows XP. I've checked my registry for IPEnableRouter but it is not contained. How else would I do it?



How to Enable IPForwarding

The title says it all. I am attempting to enable IP forwarding for my windows 7 machine (for remote desktop to work), but I have not been able to find a solid match online as to how to do this. The closest I found was

How to Enable Router in Windows XP (IPEnableRouter)?

But it is obviously for windows XP. I checked my registry there is no option for IPEnableRouter. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!



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Re: How to Enable IPForwarding

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Its there only follow same path but instead of tcpipparameters it is tcpip>parameters
ipenable route.

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