How to find doubles of my MP3 files?


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I have a BUNCH of mp3 files from ripping my CD collection. But many songs were on multiple CDs. Is there something out there that will help me find duplicates? I'm thinking that if I could get a playlist of these duplicates, I'd just play the entire playlist to see if they are the same (there are some that ripped better than others and I'd like to delete the one that doesn't sound as good).



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i think you must try DuplicateFilesDeleter, because it solve all my duplicate music file issue.


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if its with the same name then duplicate files will have "copy" in their file name you can delete it this way.


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in my computer search .mp3 then delete all those files which are copy


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Be extremely careful with duplicate file finders. It will also find duplicate system files that must not be deleted.

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