How to fix STUCK PIXELS on your LCD/PLASMA Monitor/TV

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    I recently bought a rather nice LG 32" 100hz 2ms 1080p LCD to use for a PC monitor, and noticed a couple of sub-pixels (they are the mega small ones that make up primary pixels, often not visible from a few feet away) showing green on a black backdrop. Before having a meltdown at LG customer services I took the time to google info on causes, and came across this great free app which can fix the issue over time using a very simple method.

    NOTE this wont fix any DEAD PIXELS (always black), it's just for ones that are working and just stuck on a random colour. The reason I'm posting this is mainly cos its a free method, and also because many brands won't cover a few of these as a reason to fix or replace.

    AdamuSoft - PixelRepairer

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