Windows 7 how to Format win 7?


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May 18, 2009
I had installed win7 on My pc and win7 was installed perfectly, beside one thing! - it was installed over my XP
without me formating the partition win 7 and XP are installed on. the problem is that win7 has created a new folder named windows.old (or something like that) which contains the old version (XP) windows files, this folder is pritty big and takes a lot of space from my hard drive. after trying to format my partition from with in win7 I couldn't do so. what I'm asking is - could I format my partition and reinstall win7 without the old version files on it? and how can I do it(step by ...).

super thanks

Are you trying to format in order to get rid of Windows.old? You can delete it if you boot from the Windows DVD.
The first time I installed Win 7 (it was the beta) I did the same thing. I was able to just delete the windows.old file.
It was a huge file and there isn't any option during install not to create the file.

Deleting the file still leaves remenants of the XP install in the root of C:\.

It's better (less messy) to format first.

Of course if you format a partition you will lose everthing on that partition so if you have any data you don't want to lose, back it up.

I restored my XP install using an image I had prepared beforehand and created a 22 GB NTFS partition at the end of my drive and installed Win 7 to that empty partition. I used that partition to do a clean of Win 7 RC but I made sure to format it from my XP install first. I did have to use Partition Magic 8 in XP to format though because the DiskManagement tool in Windows refused to perform the format with the message that the partition in question was in use.

Probably could have performed the format from XP safe mode but I have Partition Magic so I used that.
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