How to gain Complete Admin Access?

I need to replace a file in System 32 for one of my programs to work, but for some reason it's telling me I need permission to do it. I tried changing my permissions for the system32 folder but apparently my Admin status isn't high enough to do that. So how do I gain complete control over everything. This is really bugging me. :\

Thanks in advance for any help. :p


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There are one or two established ways. You can find most of them by searching (recommended) this site. But for your convenience.

1. Open a command prompt(Run as Administrator.
Type the following command and enter.
net user administrator /active
Log out and see if you have a new alternative login, as well as your existing one. If not, do it the long way.
Shut down the computer for a cold boot. Tap the "F8" key as you are booting.
Select "Safe Mode with networking" from the boot menu.
Log into windows 7 with your personal account that holds the administrator access.
Open a command window (START--->RUN--->CMD.exe). At the command prompt type the following net user administrator /active
Log out and log back in as administrator.

You might also find the attched files useful. Run the appropriate .reg and it will automatiically give you the right click option on the mentioned files.

2. Another way
Go to Start
Type Control UserPasswords2.
Click Advanced.
Click Advanced again.
Select Users.
Select Administrator and untick the the box “Administrator is disabledâ€Â￾
Now log out and login as Administrator.

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Thanks for the help Rak. :p

Those files are protected by TrustedInstaller and probably can't be deleted without manually changing the security settings... if that is the case, here is what you need to do from your command prompt

takeown /f c:\windows\system32\filename.exe /a
icacls c:\windows\system32\filename.exe /grant administrators:f

Ofcourse you put the name of YOUR file inplace of "filename"

Just because you are in the Administrator "GROUP" doesn't mean you are THE administrator.

There are a few ways around this... one is like RAK said.. using "net user administrator /active" and rebooting
BUT you best change that back... leaving your system in that logon state bypasses all security.

Another optoin: boot from install disk and cancle the repair process and get to the command propt in the repair menu.

You can do almost anything then.

ALSO, There are 4 bcdedit commands that will boot into a usb drive from the multi-boot menu. You'll need a usb memory stick - just to set this up. Then you can take it out and anytime you try to boot into it you'll go into Restore mode and can get to the command prompt. This is a lot easier than configuring your bios to boot from the install disk.. then changing it back.. and it's MUCH faster than waiting on the install disk to load. DVD drive read speed is around 5 mb/s while SATA is around 125 mb/s (you are actually running the repair mode from your hard drive when the USB fails)

There is also a method to login as SYSTEM... which is way above Administrator but you have to get past your current problem to set that up.

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