How to get Windows 10 File Sharing Working via Mapped Network Drives?


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I'm trying to transfer files from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 10 PC. I think I've set up sharing properly. My settings are below. Once you add a mapped drive it appears under Computer > Network Locations. You can then go into the drive and copy and paste files between a network drive and a local drive.

The problem is that sometimes when I open a mapped drive it will give an error saying it can't connect. Other times I can go into the drive but when copying from the drive to a local drive - the transfer speed is zero or very slow. When it's working I can get 100 MB/s or faster. I never had problems when copying between 2 Windows 7 PCs so I don't know why it's not working in Windows 10. Can anyone tell me how to get it working please?

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How are the computers connected to each other?

Are the cables properly connected?

What are the network cards models? do both of them support full duplex and are they set for full duplex?

Here is a tutorial about how to check that:


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