How to get Windows 7 to 'see' a secondary HDD that was previously used as slave in Win98SE system

Hi, I've successfully installed a 100GB IDE drive that was successfully being used as a secondary 'slave' drive in an older Win98SE system (it had to be partitioned into 4 25GB partitions, to deal with 98's inability to handle large HDDs). I want to preserve the data in the drive (it's just data storage, no executables, just files) and now make it visible in a newer machine running Windows 7. At first, Windows 7 wouldn't see it at all, but after playing with the jumpers and config in Windows 7, it now 'sees' the drive... Problem is, it recognizes the true 100GB size of the drive, but will only 'see' one of the sectors, and describes the drive as nearly full at 29GB... so it's not seeing the other 3 partitions. Any helpin getting the system to see the other sectors as well?


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Have you looked at it from within control panel, admin tools, computer management, storage, disk management. The other partitions may simple need to be assigned a drive letter.

Thanks for your response... yes, I've looked in the disk management section, and only the one partition shows up there...


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Can you tell what file system is on it, and how did you have the jumpers set?

You may want to use another type of OS to look at the drive and move the data to a safe location.

It was originally used in Win 98SE, though the jumpers were in slave mode for that.

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You might try a Linux Live CD and see if that will access the data.

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