How to hide NAT

Dear all,
I was using Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing to put the internet through my PC to my laptop. One day I opened up the connection to find a polite message from my ISP explaining that routers are not allowed and that anything that preforms Network Address Translation has been blocked, including ICS.

I can understand as the ISP do not want people sharing the wireless connection out to the public, and although I have the connection secured, I am already paying more than I feel I should for a poor service through no choice of my own, so I am not going to pay extra for the additional services.

I don't really understand networks that well, and tried to find an answer online about how to hide the fact that ICS appears to use NAT. The only working solution I've found is to emulate Windows XP in a virtual machine and perform ICS in there, that way the NAT is hidden. But I'd like a solution that doesn't require me to have a virtual machine sitting in the background!

Any ideas?

Best Regards,

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