Windows 7 how to hide network security key


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I am a student and i use win7 on my notebook for school purposes. In school there is a secured network and if you want to connect to this network, local admin type the key into your notebook and everything goes just fine.....however when i installed win7 he didn't let me use this key beacause there is option to "show characters" (in XP and Vista you can't do this)...
Can anyone tell me how to disable the "show characters" option while i have my administrator's rights? beacause i'm in love with seven but i need that connection....:confused:


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Hello and Welcome,

The masked password option should be enabled by default especially being a secured network. As far as I know it always has been.

And if your administartor says no, sorry, but he has that right.


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My point is I have to disable this button Link Removed - Invalid URL, I have no clue how to do that without loosing my administration rights and i really need this. I'll do whatever it takes but degrading to vista or XP, I'm in love with seven!!


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Same Problem

I understand your pain as I have been researching this simple issue for over 3 hours straight. There simply isn't a solution yet, this is a much needed feature and for it to not be included yet is lame. Hopefully on October 22nd when Windows 7 actually releases this will be fixed but until then I will continue my search. I will post back if I find something :confused:


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no fix yet in final full version

I just had a user bring me their home laptop to re-add to our company network (was on previously under XP Pro). I had them buy Windows 7 Professional, they installed and they will support since it's their home machine. However, this security key being visible is a big problem. I can not allow this computer to be on our wireless network until this problem is fixed, I will also not be able to add any of our other 100+ laptops to the wireless network if we upgrade them. Anything from developers about a fix for this?