How to ID large files/apps?

Hi - sorry for the rookie question - I'm getting close to maxing out my hard drive and I suspect there are a lot of files and apps that are on there that are large and unnecessary. Is there an easy way to ID by file size what is on my machine so I can uninstall, delete, or move large stuff that I don't need to keep?

Yes.. cleanup.. cclearner is free.

Also you can open Windows Explorer... click on your C: drive and use the size advanced search feature and look for Gigantic files.

My favorite program is treesize pro. It's incredible. Maybe has a 30 day trial option?

I realize this is an old thread, but figured I'd chime in for future reference...

There's a great utility for this, which provides a visual representation of disk space allocations called "SpaceMonger."

Old SpaceMonger v1.x

Even though that links to the older version of the SpaceMonger utility, this is the version I still use as it's quick, free, tiny (~200k), and requires no installation, which makes it perfectly portable. IMHO, a must-have for every technician to quickly track down space wasters...

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