How to install Windows 7 on a Vista laptop

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    Upgrading Windows the easy way QUESTION I’m about to replace my Vista Home Premium laptop with one running Windows 7. I’ll be passing on my old laptop to my son, but I’d like to install Windows 7 on his laptop too. Can I purchase an upgrade version, and will I lose any programs or other files in doing so? What’s my best (cheapest) option? Steve Wilson

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    You can buy an upgrade version but a clean install is always the best way to go for installing an op sys - if you do have a problem after an upgrade install you can never be sure if it is down to imported problems or the new system. You can use the Win 7 upgrade version to do a clean install - google it. All data on the existing system will need to be backed up if anything is required to be saved and all applications will need to be reinstalled.

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