How to list all local shared folders and the permitted users?


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How can I list all shared folders (easy) and the users who have which permissions?

Can I backup and restore (later) these infos somehow?

The questions applies to a LAN with NO domain controller/Active directory



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Not exactly sure about all versions of Win7 but both Pro and Ultimate support
Right click on Computer from start menu and choose "Manage" then in the left column
Expand Shared Folders and select "Shares"
This should show you all of your shared folders and then you can examine both share permissions as well as NTFS security permissions by right clicking them individually and choosing properties and using the respective tabs "Share Permissions" and "Security".
net share
at a command prompt will also display the shares but I don't know of a switch that supports displaying the related permissions with that utility.
There may very well be some third party utilities available for doing this that I am not aware of.

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