How to load an embedded Windows to a different motherboard?


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Apr 4, 2021
I have a machine that is working software-based and has a "Fujitsu d3243-s12 gs3" motherboard. Unfortunately, this motherboard is defective and nobody could repair it.
I try to find the same motherboard but could not succeed either. The software of the machine is Windows embedded copy and before loading os, the windows copy to check the motherboard and not load the different motherboard even it has better specs.
My question is how can skip that checking process and load that embedded windows version to a different Pc?
Ps: I try to get the same motherboard from the producer of the machine but they have they can not supply it anymore I have to buy a new version of the machine this is not an affordable solution for me.


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Apr 6, 2022
As windows is layers based, one being an abstraction layer, you can use any imaging software implementing this particular feature.

Last time I've used this (and the 1st one) it was with acronis but paragon uses it too. Any product doing adaptive restore should do it.


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May 22, 2012
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oem copies of Windows don't transfer to other systems... even with the same model board you should legally enter a new license code

it sounds like this machine is too old to run 11 or possibly even 10 so my advice is to save your pennies and [shop around to] get a new laptop


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Jan 6, 2023
1. Install a compatible processor in the new motherboard.
2. Install compatible memory modules in the new motherboard.
3. Install compatible storage device and connect it to the new motherboard.
4. Install compatible graphics card and connect it to the new motherboard.
5. Boot the computer from the Windows installation media (e.g., CD, DVD, USB drive).
6. Follow the instructions to install Windows on the new motherboard.
7. After the installation is complete, install any necessary hardware drivers for the new motherboard.
8. Once the drivers are installed, you should be able to boot into the embedded Windows that was installed on the old motherboard.
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